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If you are looking for Reflexology, you have come to the right place. Call me - Sioned Bryant - for clinical reflexology in Whitchurch, Cardiff. I offer reflexology treatments and specialist fertility reflexology. Call me today and book an appointment. 


Get in touch to discuss your needs and discover the various types of reflexology available with Sioned Bryant, clinical reflexologist. From basic reflexology to fertility reflexology, and maternity reflexology.

PRICE: £45 for 60-minutes


Look nowhere else for complementary therapies in Cardiff.

Call: 07855 796057

Available: 10am-6.30pm Monday-Friday

Address: 81 Coryton Crescent, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 7EQ

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"I highly recommend Sioned to any women who is experiencing difficult conceiving. I have been unable to conceive a baby naturally for many years as a result of unexplained infertility. I was about to start my most recent round of IVF treatment (one of many) and a friend recommended Sioned to me for which I will be eternally grateful. Sioned is very approachable and professional. The treatment room, music, treatment and discussion with Sioned would leave me feeling relaxed and positive. The reflexology with Sioned quickly became a weekly highlight.
I am delighted to say that I am now expecting my baby and I very much believe that Sioned assisted me both physically and emotio
I am a fluent welsh speaker and being able to converse through the medium of Welsh or English was a bonus!
Diolch / Thank You."

RhianR-9 - Yell Review

hands massaging the sole of a foot

Call Sioned Bryant on
07855 796057
for clinical reflexology in Cardiff & surrounding areas.

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